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Re: BT Cloud 22.12.33 not working

@DavidM I truly hope I'm wrong as I have found it to be a very useful always on real time backup solution.

However the fact that it has been withdrawn for new customers makes me suspicious.

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Re: BT Cloud 22.12.33 not working

I have been successfully using BT Cloud version 22.12.33-full.nupkg since 23/11/2023 at 14:12 on my Windows 10 laptop, but recently it progressively started to fail.

The first symptom that appeared was as follows:
After clicking the BTCloud Desktop icon, the usual (BT Cloud – Log in) ‘Connecting to the server’/’syncing’/’synced’ icon successfully appeared in the ‘Show hidden icons’ panel in the appropriate syncing state.

Clicking on the icon worked correctly in that it opened the Setup Pane, which overall appeared to be functioning correctly. However, when clicking the ‘BT Cloud – Log in’ icon and then entering the necessary ‘User Name and Password’ access through the secure address process only worked intermittently and returned the message that an error had occurred and to try again later. Sometimes this resulted in achieving access, but it was inconsistent.

The process then became permanent and an Error report - UN1 was displayed saying try again later, which I did for a few days, but nothing changed. I checked the BT Cloud Forum and saw that other uses were having the same problem.

More recently going through the same process, as described above, the Setup Pane now no longer fully fills with the usual uploads and downloads, the Setup icon does not function at all and when clicking the ‘BT Cloud – Log in’ icon a new panel appears in the centre of the screen saying ‘Sign in with browser’.
I didn’t know what this meant, so I clicked on it and the same pane appeared into which I then entered the necessary ‘User Name and Password’, but a message appeared on screen stating:

‘Something went wrong’
‘To continue, close this window and return to BT Cloud’

Again, I do not know what this message means as I cannot get into BT Cloud.

I thought that there may be a working path to BT Cloud via My BT, but I have been unable to find one.

I have tried to be patient and not move or change anything since the failure occurred.

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Re: BT Cloud 22.12.33 not working

Hi @DavidM 

Thank you for your response to my post, it's good to know that work on BT Cloud is ongoing and it still has a future.

However, as I said, the information given to me in good faith was from an employee in the IT area in the Exeter office and it highlights the need for updates to be provided otherwise misinformation will quickly spread.

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