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10 programmes failed to record

I returned home tonight to discover 10 programmes had failed to record. Some on Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas Day. Some recorded ok. I get this on a regular basis. I've rebooted the box and checked my system. I'm fed up of not being able to rely on BT recording anything. I will be cancelling as soon as I can but in the meantime is there anything to resolve this issue? 

2 of the programmes are not available on demand so I can't watch that way. So annoying. 

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Re: 10 programmes failed to record

Hi @Looby18 

That sounds a frustrating  experience.

Which BT box do you have and roughly  how long  have you had the box and been experiencing  the problems. 

How is the BT box connected  ? Is it direct to your Hub or via powerline adapters or wireless ?

Are you using an aerial  plugged into your box for the Freeview channels?  Is there any pattern to the failures eg aerial received  channels/ bt line delivered channels ?

Are the problems  experienced on the sports channels which might have overrunning content or on general  entertainment  channels  which typically  are able to stick to their broadcast times.ĺ



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Re: 10 programmes failed to record

Hi @Looby18 and welcome back.

Sorry you're having problems with the recordings. If you can post the information @zulu17 has asked for we'll try to help.



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Re: 10 programmes failed to record


I'm not sure what BT box I have, where do I check? It is connected via the hub and the aerial goes into it. It was delivered and installed in April 2022.

The failures were mainly on BBC channels but there were a couple of channel 5 programmes.  These were on late Christmas eve through to Christmas day afternoon. A couple of programmes recorded ok during that time.

When I clicked on search for a couple it said there were 0 on demand or on later. When I went direct to iplayer not through BT then I found them. 

I checked my broadband before Christmas as BT said they'd found an issue and it needed an engineer. However the check found no issues and BT messaged to say all was OK. 

The failure to record happens frequently but this was the worst time with the high number. 

My box is 74% full.

Thanks Lynda

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Re: 10 programmes failed to record

The same has happened to me and as well as current programmes saying ‘failed to record’ so have many older recordings some of which I have watched but not deleted. If you get any helpful answers I’d be grateful to know why this has happened. 

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Re: 10 programmes failed to record

@Looby18  Thanks Lynda for the info.

One easy way of determing which box you have is on the box home screen starting the  help app (?)  in top right hand side and when help app opens press the i(info) button and it will display "About you Youview box"  and the Humax or Sagemcom box will be displayed.

Alternatively from the Home screen select Settings (the cog symbol in the top right hand side) rgen scroll down to Information & Reset  section which has "Device Informatio" as an option

There are also  images of the boxes (that would have been available in 2022) on this web page

Ok that the easy part over with now as to why you have recording issues. Unfortunatrely Youview don't provide an explanation or error code for failed recording so we are left having to deduce/speculate why they may have failed.

If you have a Box Pro you would have option to have terrestrial aerial channels or freetoair channels via broadband  in IP mode so can i check whether you are using an aerial feed or solely an IP coonnection. (If you have the older Humax manufactured BT boxes then they will use an aerial connection and  the subscription channels will be via IP).

You mention a couple of programmes did record , do you recall which channels they were on  and were they HD orvSD channels?

Also if you are in aerial mode  are you recording the main channel 5 and BBC channels off the HD versions of the channels.


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Re: 10 programmes failed to record


I have the Sagemcom box. I use the IP connection.

The channels were mainly HD but not all. One in the middle that recorded was on BBC 1 HD but another on BBC 1 HD failed,  the ones on BBC 2 and BBC 4 failed. A channel 5 HD failed. The last one that failed was on Christmas Day at 1:15pm, the first one that failed was Christmas Eve at 9pm.

Carrie-Sue - I've had the same issue with previously recorded programmes that recorded ok but then couldn't be viewed a second time but I don't remember what message I got when I tried again

Thanks, Lynda

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