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BT TV Box Pro

BT TV Box Pro

Have ordered a BT TV Box Pro to replace my badged Humax box (the one with a round button on the front) that doesn't work properly after about seven years (the yellow key for Lock doesn't often work, and most annoyingly the Pause button on the remote had stopped working entirely, so I have to rely on Stop and guesswork if there's an interruption. Plenty of my recordings clashed, and the apps didn't seem to be outdated. Also turning the TV and PVR off in sync stopped working.

Slightly annoyed that I had to get my broadband upgraded and it took me over two months. Also slightly annoyed that I had to buy a subscription package in order to get the best PVR from BT, but chose the Box Pro because it seems to be (as well as neat and unobtrusive) the best choice for more tuners, tons of space, and maybe connecting via WiFi (even though my router is now much faster, something like iPlayer is still as slow as it ever was over Ethernet). 

My questions are:

  1. Will use of apps/streaming suddenly be faster if I go from my old wired Ethernet to WiFi?
  2. What sort of batteries does the Bluetooth remote use? The only devices I've ever used with Bluetooth have rechargeable inbuilt lithium batteries rather than replaceable AAAs. If it has that sort of inbuilt battery, how is it recharged?
  3. The old Youview box had a big comfortable remote. How does the new one compare?
  4. I notice that there were teething problems with the Box Pro to start with. Is it stable now?
  5. Are there any things I need to remember about the UI/UX of the new box?
  6. My TV is the one that came with my flat, and even older than the old PVR. Will it work with the Box Pro?
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