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Re: BT TV / EE TV - Recording on latest Box Pro

Hi @lesjanfin  the restriction that you encountered is that  there is a maximum of 2 multicast (IP) delivered channel streams on the box  - so record 2 or record 1 and watch one are your options for these channels.

In your scenario you could have allowed your two  (multicast) recordings to continue and opted to watch (live) the other channel on either the Now app (if a Now channel)  or on the discovery+ app (if a TNT/Eurosport/Discovery channel).


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Re: BT TV / EE TV - Recording on latest Box Pro


I must admit, I do love the sky interface and ease of use for all channels you subscribe too through sky and also the feature that allows you to 'watch from the start' if you arent recording a show already....

The EETV experience will be totally different but if it can record NOW subscription channels and TNT sports then I might just move given the 45% per month saving with the offer currently available to me.

IMHO if you love the Sky UX then the best thing you can do is give notice and get a "win back" deal with them, even if it means waiting until after your contract has ended and you have the boxes to return the hardware, or moving to Sky Stream (but not Sky Glass, that is an overpriced **bleep** of a TV).

You will kick yourself otherwise and be tied in for 2 years with nowhere to go. BT/EE TV as a service is a million miles away from the Sky experience you know and love.

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