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BT box not recording BBC channels from scheduler

I’ve had a box for 3 months. Haven’t recorded too many shows but have noticed that shows scheduled on BBC channels don’t record. All other channels are ok. Seems odd. 

Anyone know why?

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Re: BT box not recording BBC channels from scheduler

Hi @ChrisMoore, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. 

I'm sorry that you're having this problem and it's not one I've come across. Try a soft reset of your BT TV box How do I reset my BT TV box? | BT Help and test to see if that resolves the fault. If it doesn't work then you may need to do a Factory Reset but watch any recordings you have before trying this as they will be lost.



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Re: BT box not recording BBC channels from scheduler

John's advice is basically switch it off and on again, that only works if something has not done what it should do but in this case something has changed and the firmware likely needs to be updated.

BBC did an update a recently  and it impacted regional codes, others have tried full factory reset , it doesn't work. It is likely the Program identifiers encoded in the broadcasts have changed format or id, youview cannot decode it unless it just identifies part of it when decoding current channel data. It records if you schedule it and select the channel whilst the program you want is recording. 
This means actual scheduling won't work.
[I was involved in using broadcast program data for digital rights payments back when it was analog, suspect it's more nuanced now it's digital. 

Youview will likely need an update for new channel regional codes embedded in the data  as BBC have changed them.

From BBC
"We have now completed the roll-out of our BBC One HD regions on satellite platforms, and from tomorrow (Weds), we will start the roll-out for Freeview/YouView viewers in England.

This means viewers will be able to get a complete version of BBC One HD in 101 in the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), including regional news output and other local programming. We will be retiring the red slate that previously advised viewers to go to channel 1 for local programming, as viewers will no longer need to switch to channel 1 for local news and then back to 101 for BBC One in HD.

Making BBC One HD available on a regional basis is a major undertaking for BBC teams and our suppliers, so we are going to launch regional versions of BBC One HD in two phases. This allows us to launch the first set of regions as early as possible while we complete the preparatory work to enable us to launch the second set."

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Re: BT box not recording BBC channels from scheduler

We are having the same problem. Seems to be ok on BBC1 but others just won't let us record. Tried resets but makes no difference.

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