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BTTV and Broadband

I have a recurring issue with BT TV channels which require Internet access e.g. BT Sport.

Setup is BT Home Hub <-> BT Power connectors <-> BT TV box ( I understand that this one is wired only ) <-> Samsung TV

I regularly have to go through the reset process - Home Hub power connectors and BTTV box - very frustrating and, of course, recordings get missed.

The error I get is IPC6002.

My Samsung TV and Sky Q box both connect via WiFi and work fine using a BT WiFi extender disk. 

Any ideas apart from the tedious reset process which obviously disrupts other users in my house.

I see that there is a BT TV Pro box which would presumably would avoid this problem. Is it any good? - and should I request one as a free replacement.

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Re: BTTV and Broadband

How is the disc connected to the Hub? If by WiFi I think you can use it's ethernet port to connect to a device. That might be more reliable than the powerline connectors.

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Re: BTTV and Broadband


Many thanks for this.

The BT Disk is connected to the Hub via WiFi 

I checked and found that I had actually connected my Sky TV to the BT Disk.

I did some extensive testing of my BT Mini Connectors and could not get them to work together.

So I tried another tack - I connected a TP-Link Gigabit switch to the BT Disk and the switch to  both the BT TV box and the Sky Q box - I tested this out with both boxes accessing the internet (BT box recording BT Sport - Skybox downloading a programme from All4) and connecting my laptop to the switch and accessed streaming material ( I would normally use WiFi!) . This seemed to work fine but I will pursue BT for replacement of the Mini-connectors and possibly a BT TV Pro box!

Thanks for your suggestion - you set me on the right track.

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Re: BTTV and Broadband

Hi @jethro and thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting about your set up. Great advice from @rbz5416 but please let us know how you get on with the replacement connectors.



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