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Re: Considering BT

So you use the main BT TV box in the room you watch most TV in and to do your recording, then buy devices such as a Roku or Fire Stick for each TV in the other rooms and add the NOW TV and BT Sport apps (unless your TV supports them), to watch live sport or on demand movies.

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Re: Considering BT

Spot on - always live sport never on demand 

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Re: Considering BT

I've been a Sky TV customer on and off for years, last year I jumped the gun as wanted to save money and BT TV were offering their TV for £5 so I took it.

I sound silly here because when your actually watching the channel, it's all the same but I just hate BTs TV Guide and overall Interface, so much that I'm going back to Sky TV. 

Except E4, one of my most watched channels. It's not HD on BT and is very blurry. It's HD on Sky.

BUT literally to have access to the exact same channels on BT costs me around £13 compared to £28 on Sky, yet I'm still going back to Sky 

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Re: Considering BT

The finely tuned Sky UX remains its USP, it just works and is much loved. To this day, no other service provider gets near it.

They either get close with the functionality but it looks poor, or it looks flash but doesn’t work as well.

I’ve lost count of the people I know who have left due to cost and returned due to user experience, myself included.

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