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EE TV Gripes

Recently received the new EE TV Pro Box and a Mini Box.

The EE TV Pro Box seems faster however the remote supplied works off bluetooth and no matter what I do, it just won't pair up with my 2 year old Toshiba smart TV. I've gone through all the CEC settings etc, changed HDMI inputs etc but it just won't control the TV On/Off, Volume or Sources. Very poor and a letdown.

The EE TV Pro box doesn't output any volume for radio stations beyond the BBC Radio 1/2/3/4/5/5 Live so channels such as Kiss, Heart etc are outputting with no volume. Multiple retunes tried but still the same issue. 

The EE TV Mini Box no longer comes with an aerial in option. It may seem like a good idea to move with the times and utilise TV over broadband, but this isn't ideal when there's still regional TV that comes through the aerial such as RTE which is available to customers in Northern Ireland. 

Hopefully EE can fix this issue with the bluetooth remotes, or failing that bring out a remote that shares the same design but has IR (I'm aware the old BT TV remotes will work with the EE TV Pro box but I'd like to use the new EE TV remote as it's not as bulky). Also hopefully a Mini Box is brought out with the aerial input reinstated. 

Hopefully these are fed back for future development.

Reverting back to my previous BT TV boxes until these minor issues can be resolved with an update. 

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Re: EE TV Gripes

The BT mini box was released with streaming only when BT brought out their small list of IP channels. 

Many have risen gripes over the small amount of channels in IP mode but next to none have been added since 2022. We live in hope for more channels. 

I also doubt they will bring one out with an arieal input available as they are trying to move to apple TV boxes with EE. 

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Re: EE TV Gripes

I tried to get used to the new remote, but with the missing buttons and the odd layout it is awkward to use. So, I've gone back to the old BTTV remote which, although a bit heavier, is well balanced and has navigation keys together round the OK button (as well as the extra keys you mention).

I don't find the extra weight to be a problem as it fits in the hand very well.

I still run to old Z4 BTTV Box as my second box as it has the channels which are missing from the EETV Pro Box (getting its channels over the Internet).


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Re: EE TV Gripes

The Pro remote does use IR to control TVs. The problem is that's it's been a little too clever for its own good. The TV make it determined by a handshake over HDMI. So in your case, the TV tells the box that it's a Toshiba. The Pro box then assigns a Toshiba set of remote codes. But unfortunately, although your TV (& an increasing number of other brands) has a badge on the front, the TVs are actually made by someone else. In your case Vestel. Without a way to manually add a remote code, that's game over.

As far as Kiss & the other Bauer radio stations, they've left the Freeview platform & are no longer available through an aerial. But I've no idea why they've maintained a place in the EPG.

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