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IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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New customer

Fibre2 (FTTC) and entertainment package. 

Fibre broadband has been working well with SMARTHUB2 for a week or so.

Plug in BT TV box Pro last night, and aerial channels work well but anything that is supposed to be coming via Internet (now TV channels when I use aerial mode, and all channels when I tried the TV box on Internet mode) say there's a problem with broadband, to check connection and restart router. Error IPC6023. 

My setup is smarthub2 at the line in at the wall, then connected to a 3rd party mesh router system. (aside - Because the smarthub2 has no modem only mode, then both it and my main router are doing DHCP. However this was the case with previous isp [sky] and also no other devices are affected, so I strongly think this itself is not the issue.) 

The exact line to the TV goes 

Smarthub2 - main router (via ethernet) - powerline adaptor - mesh node - TV box (via hard wire). I get a speed of 70Mbps off the mesh node and the TV itself plays Netflix, prime video etc fine, so my speed is not the issue. 

I have read the official advice on solving this at home including power cycling, I have power cycled the smarthub2, Main router, mesh node and both powerline adaptors, and factory reset the TV box more than once (I can't watch Rylan again, please don't make me). 

From what I read on similar problems on this forum I may now need an engineer visit to attend the cabinet on the street to solve the issue. 

Please can someone help to see if there's anything else I can try at home, or otherwise help with arranging that engineer visit. 

Thanks very much. 



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Re: IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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Hi @dl8860 and welcome to our community.

Sorry you're having problems with the 6023 error code. Are you able to connect the STB directly to the hub so we can eliminate the internal set up as a cause of the problem?



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Re: IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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If only I had a penny for everyone who comes onto this forum with the IPC6023 error; sigh.

The apps you refer to do not use Multicast that's why they are working, BT TV does use Multicast and IPC6023 is specific to multicast, that's why those channels fail.

IPC6023 can be caused by a problem both within and without your home, for this reason you need to localise it as best you can before going any further.
Eliminate the power line adapters and the mesh system by connecting the box direct to the SH2 (It could be that your TV box is being assigned an IP address by the Sky router and maybe that router doesn't support Multicast).

It's amazing how many people try to find obstacles as to why they can't do this but if you want to resolve the problem then, as they say, where there's a will - there's a way.

Two DHCP servers on one network are not ideal especially where the two operate on different subnets as do BT and Sky, you say it caused no problems before but did you have BT TV then? I suspect not.


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Re: IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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Hi David, 

Really appreciate the speedy response and good suggestion. I connected the smarthub2 directly to the powerline adaptor (so cutting out just the main mesh router), and that now works.

However this isn't my preferred solution, as my mesh is now somewhat split and I think this may give me some unexpected issues.

Is there anything else you can suggest in light of this? I can't think of any settings on my mesh main router to play with.

Thank you

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Re: IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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If it's an Eero mesh then forget it, Eero doesn't support Multicast 

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Re: IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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Until BT introduce modem only mode on their smarthub, or else provide their own free mesh system when you take a TV package, then they need to be very clearly advertising their TV services as incompatible with mesh systems from other providers then no?


This is my mesh hardware

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Re: IPC6023 issue with NOWTV channels

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I have now solved this by turning on "IPTV network" in my main mesh router's network settings, on "router mode". This is with the network setup back to as described in my first post. 

Thanks all for the help.

My feedback would be for all BT onboarding/sales personnel to open this discussion with customers, as 3rd party mesh systems are becoming more and more common and it would be nice if this didn't come as a nasty surprise.