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IPC6023 - no terrestrial TV channels over wifi

Had BT TV for nearly 12 months, it's always been a bit temperamental but for the last couple of weeks we haven't been able to get any standard channels and have to watch TV using iPlayer, Netflix, Prime etc only.

I can see that others have had similar issues and some have solved it by rebooting home equipment and doing factory resets and others have had to contact BT tech support for something to be fixed at BT's end.

Can anyone help explain the best way to establish what the issue is and what the current fix for this issue is?

I can see posts with 'IPC6023' in the title dating back to 2021, with the most recent ones being a couple of months ago - each previous post seems to have a different solution.

Any/all help greatly appreciated! 

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Re: IPC6023 - no terrestrial TV channels over wifi

If nothing has been changed on your line (e.g. changing broadband package) then the issue is likely to be inside the home. How is your TV Box connected to the BT Smart Hub? Have you changed anything?
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Re: IPC6023 - no terrestrial TV channels over wifi

Hi @DarrenDev and thanks for your reply to my message.

No, as far as I'm aware, the package hasn't changed - at least, I haven't requested to change anything other than upgrading the Netflix subscription that comes with the package. I did this through my Netflix account.

As far as home/hardware set up, TV is streaming over WiFi (with a WiFi extender box/TP Link). Nothing has changed here either. I have tried to change the WiFi to the main WiFi (not the extender box WiFi) but the box only seems to pick up the extender box WiFi, even when there are other networks available - it appears top be stuck only selecting one source of WiFi. This may be a separate issue?

The WiFi signal is very strong on all other devices and we don't have any other issues with WiFi devices, other than the BT TV box, which has always been a bit temperamental displaying terrestrial channels but as of a couple of weeks ago, we haven't be able to get any 'normal' TV channel at all and every channel we try displays the IPC6023 message, which I'd never seen until a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know if this explains the situation well enough for someone to help me troubleshoot from here?

Thanks again!

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Re: IPC6023 - no terrestrial TV channels over wifi

Is there any way you can connect it via ethernet instead? I had problems with wifi and the TV box until I used ethernet. It doesn't matter how strong the wifi signal is, the box will eventually have trouble with it.

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