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Is itvX now delivering some HD on demand content?

I have reset my Pro Box to use the aerial and I am working my way back through signing in the apps.

I have logged back into itvX and fired up “Passenger” to test. itv are showing ads on screen when you pause (as mentioned previously), but I am certain this is in HD, well, at least 720p, which is much better than the SD rubbish they normally provide!

Anyone else seeing this? I also tested an episode of “The 1% club” and it looks better than SD but not as good as “Passenger”.

I would actually revert to IP mode and pay for itvX Premium if I can watch on demand ad free but in decent quality.

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Re: Is itvX now delivering some HD on demand content?

We watched ep 3 of Passenger on ITVX on the Pro Box last night and I thought that the quality looked good too. I didn’t feel confident enough about it to mention it on here though.