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Live TV on BT TV app

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I joined BT TV yesterday and all is good except that I can't find how to watch live TV on the BT TV app on my android phone.

I've downloaded the app but only see Discovery and amc channels in the watch live area, and under schedule if I select a current program I'm only able to record, not watch.

When I select help, and how to find and watch live TV, the app shown is different to the one I've downloaded....and I've downloaded from the link in the help section.

Does anyone have any suggestions please.

Many thanks. 

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Re: Live TV on BT TV app

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You can only watch the Discovery channel (and content if you have one of the entertainment or VIP packages), sports packages if you have them and AMC (until end of September) on the BT TV app.

There is no ability to watch Freeview channels (you need the freeview app for TV guide and relevent apps e.g. IPlayer) or now tv for channels included with the entertainment package (you need the Now TV app)


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Re: Live TV on BT TV app

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Everything @Weerab1983 is correct.
You're right about the help on though - that is many years out of date. Sorry about that. It's all being re-done from scratch at the moment, ready for some changes coming soon.
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