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Missing Discovery Channels

Hi all, 

I mentioned this in the Discovery+ thread...

It's great that the Discovery+ app finally arrived this week, but seeing that it's missing access to all of Discovery's live linear channels is pretty poor.

When Discovery was added to the EPG after deal with Warner Bros, I just assumed it was to get it up asap and the rest would follow. After all, they were all available on BT TV previously. 

I could live with them not being added to the EPG, IF they were accessible in the app - but it looks like neither has happened. I've got the Entertainment package - is this different for others? 

I appreciate that Eurosport is being offered as somewhat of premium with BT (ridiculous considering they're available as standard on Sky and VM), only being accessible to Sport packages. But on the standalone apps they offer them as different packages anyway - TV/Entertainment and Sport. So it's not like adding in access to the other channels within the app would impact subs.

It looks like BT TV got its own cut down version of Discovery+?

Sky almost pulled all of Discovery's channels a few years back - only fixed at the 11th hour, and they've still managed to make channels like TLC, Discovery Science and Investigation Discovery available on the EPG and the app on Sky Q and Stream. Why would BT negotiate a deal with Warner Bros to actually reduce what was already in place before, or what's being offered by their competitors?

I can't be the only one that thinks it's strange. What gives, BT?


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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

The live linear channels are actually available on the Discovery+ app on the BT Pro tv box. It’s just that there’s no tv guide on there which makes it more difficult to access the live channels. I don’t know why this version of the app was signed off with no tv guide. We’ve got Discovery+ Premium btw.

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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

I questioned the team this morning about the differences in the app on the BT TV Box Pro vs other platforms. I'm told that the features had to be reduced to get the app onto the box as quick as possible. The next step is to get the app on the Humax boxes as well. When that's done, they'll look at improving what's been offered.
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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

It would be good to have all of Discovery channel's on the TV guide as IP channels, rather than the app, then you would have no need to get the TV guide and easy access to live channels on the app.

I live in hope that this is in the works and we are not been told till 'someone has pressed the button'.

I get that EE TV is on the horizon so let's see what happens ...

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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

I have the Sport package which gives me access to the Discovery+ app but not to the linear Discovery channel on BTTV. I'm now in the situation where I can watch all the Discovery channels live on my pro box via the app but don't have access to the linear channel, seems crazy. 

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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

To get discovery on BT TV you will need the entrainment pack big entertainment  or VIP

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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

A live stream of the discovery channel is available from the discovery plus app on the BT TV Pro and mini boxes.

You need to scroll down till you see the circular buttons for the appropriate channel and then the blue watch button at the top.

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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

To get discovery on BT TV you will need the entrainment pack big entertainment or VIP

@Dan20153 I understand that, just pointing out that it is illogical if they give you access to all the Discovery channels via the app as part of the Sport package but no access to the linear channel. 

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Re: Missing Discovery Channels

That's because  discovery plus is available despite what package your om.

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