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Netflix - Cant activate

Can anyone help?

I had an old netflix account which my ex partner kept and linked when she moved to sky. Thats no issue we agreed this. I then got BT tv with Netflix included and when i try and activate via BT account it says “wait 24 hours” but has done for nearly a month. When i click on the activate link BT sent me it asks me to choose a package and a payment method.

Contacted BT and they didn’t know what to do. First it was reset box etc but i know its not the box as even trying via my mobile it wont let me do it. BT say they will come back to me and never do and have been paying and not been able to watch it.

I checked previous threads but couldn’t seem to find an answer. Can anyone help?

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Re: Netflix - Cant activate

Hi @Lrum34 welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Was the username for your old Netflix account the same email address that you provided BT when you placed your BT TV order? 



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Re: Netflix - Cant activate

No that was an old email address. This is a new one. Netflix have now deleted it and said i can do it again. 
When i got on my box to try and create new account it says “looks like you already have an account please sign in” but netflix have double checked and nothing registered anymore hence i was going to try again.

BT gave me a number and said it goes directly to a team who deal just with this at Netflix but it was just the normal number and she said it was a problem BT’s end. 

Cant do the account online normally as it wont then link to BT and i will have to pay for it

Nearly 4 weeks like this

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Re: Netflix - Cant activate

Hi @Lrum34,

Thanks for the reply. We'll need to take a closer look at this to make sure everything is set up correctly on the account. I've dropped you a private message so please send over the details. Just a heads up, we're really busy at present so it's taking longer than expected to reply but once you submit the details we'll get to you in turn.



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