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Re: New features

According to a Broadcast article at the time (behind a paywall), the Sky deal was non-exclusive. 

The only "exclusive" element of the deal was the inclusion of the first-pay window for 20th Century titles.

There is a non-paywall version of the original Broadcast article here: Disney teams up with Sky 

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Re: New features

It will be good to have the IP service soon. There looks to be more HD channels than there are currently available over normal Freeview, which is good news.

This is a link to the list of channels that BT has provided with that will be over IP when it launches:

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Re: New features

BT is amazing. Their own staff dont even know if Sky have an exclusive deal with Disney or not. BT should have had these apps on day one. Paramount Plus and Discovery can be viewed via Amazon but thats not the point. BT should have their own app like almost every other streaming service available. Theres lots of people that would not touch Amazon with a bargepole.

My BT Pro box as been stuck in the cupboard from day one. Theres no Youtube, Disney, Paramount, Discovery, Apple TV and so on. Never mind though it as BritBox and Pong in colour from the 70's.

Its a shame because the Pro Box shows potential its just its parents are stopping it from flourishing.

Also wheres the Wifi 6 router and discs. 



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Re: New features

The paramount and discovery on the amazon app is pointless. I sub to them direct so can’t use it

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Re: New features

As per Sky's own web site (which I cannot link to from here):

"We've partnered exclusively with Disney to be the only pay-TV provider to offer you Disney+ in the UK and ROI."

People throw around the term "app" as though it's a standard thing. It's not. Apps need to be developed for the platform on which they will run, and it's generally down to the provider to create those apps. BT has created the BT Player app for its box. All the other apps were created by the relevant content owners - e.g. Netflix customised their app to run on YouView boxes, and then a certification process was completed to confirm that Netflix were happy with how their app runs on the box, and YouView were happy with what the app does and how it runs.

BT has created apps for BT TV and BT Sport to run on many other platforms, so I'm not sure what the comment "BT should have their own app" means?

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Re: New features

Why does BT not have any open communication with streaming partners like Disney. Why look on Sky's website to check. The fact that Virgin now have the Disney app on their hardware points to maybe the deal as ended.

Maybe try and open a form of communication with Disney and ask.

BT obviously is not that incompetent maybe its just Disney said NO.


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Re: New features

I'm a developer @jas20001978 - I have absolutely no idea what's going on with the contracts between BT and Disney, and it's not my business to know.

All I said was:

Disney had an exclusive deal with Sky to offer the app on their boxes. I don't know if that has ended yet?

The right people in BT will know what's happening with Disney and will have a plan, which won't be published here.  Apps will become available on the box as and when they're agreed and ready.

The points I'm clearly failing to make are:

1. there are many reasons why an app wouldn't be on the box, the main one being commercial

2. apps aren't just a 5 minute job - knock one together and install on the box, job done. It's a LOT more effort than that, which is why the commercial agreements need to be made.


And at this point, I'll bow out of this discussion.

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Re: New features

Darren I am sure I’m not the only one who appreciates you updating us, as and when you can, regarding the new features due soon. Please don’t let the minority with their negative opinions stop you from continuing.

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Re: New features


i might not post much, but always appreciate what @DarrenDev  posts

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Re: New features

LOL thanks guys - I'm not quitting the forums (although with the hints I keep giving on here, there's a small chance I may get kicked off 😂).
I'm just not continuing this discussion about apps as it's not going anywhere.