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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.


The black gradient & time is correct but the now/next should displayed over the black. I've just tested your method of selecting a channel from Live TV & it works as expected. Sounds like maybe the update hasn't fully deployed correctly. I can only suggest a maintenance mode reset but make sure you select the option to keep recordings.


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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

@SRB I think I might have found the issue you described:

"If I select a channel from the "Live TV" row of channels which appear when I press the "home button.  Left side of the picture has a black gradient and the time displays on the right hand side. If I directly go to a channel, say 101, it will correctly display the now/next overlay."

I stumbled across this when I was accidentally on a channel that I have hidden (an SD channel I hid as I have the HD channel) and tried Now/Next. I got the same dark gradient effect you describe. Can I ask - are the channels in your Live TV row ones that you have hidden?



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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

@BillyM Thanks for the reply, yes that is what I am experiencing, however to answer your question, no, they aren't, it does it on BBC One, BBC Two, Ch4. It's odd though as it only happens on channels I select from the live TV row. I would have done another reinstall but just haven't had the time to sit down and set everything up again. 

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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

@SRB I did a bit more digging. I am using Internet mode. My Live TV displays  BBC1 HD, ITV1 HD, 4 HD, 5 HD, Sky Cinema Megahits HD,  BBC2 HD, BBC4 HD, ITV3HD and Sky Arts (SD, channel 11 in Internet mode). Now/next works as it should with all these channels except for Sky Arts. With Sky Arts  I get the dark gradient effect you describe. Sky Arts  is the only one of these channels that I have hidden (I have Sky Arts HD as part of the Entertainment add-on). If I unhide channel 11 and then select it through Live TV then Now/next works as it should.


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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

Now & Next is I believe there to show what is on now and next for channels that are in your guide and allow you to navigate up and down or to input a specific channel number to see what is on now and next and enable you to switch to play  or record the current  (now) programme on the channel or set a reminder for the next programme. If a channel has been set to hidden in the guide then the Now and Next data for that channel would not be expected to display as you chosen to hide it.

A better solution or presentation to the viewer does seem desirable if they use the keypad buttons that normally launch Now & Next  if they are watching a hidden channel.

A separate issue is the current Home Screen Live Channel carousel which as has been mentioned will still promote a hidden channel  providing the  current programme information and a link to watch it. The logic of the channels presented in the Live Channel  carousel used to be


ITV  ( or equivalent)



A BT choice (variable)

remaining  channels in order of their position in the EPG .

perhaps those channels that are  hidden in the EPG should not be listed there or if they are no link to  play the channel should be offered. A separate point is whether a channel that is not currently broadcasting  should be included ( example BBC Four which begins at 7pm) as that seems a waste of a slot.

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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

@BillyM Well spotted !!! The live channels lists the channels in order, so yes it lists the SD version of the channels and yes, they are hidden on my box as we watch the HD versions. @zulu17 Absolutely, if a channel is hidden by the user, ideally it shouldn't appear anywhere in their guide. 

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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

@SRB glad I could help. I'm pleased my time spent watching cricket in the early hours wasn't wasted!

@zulu17 The move to Internet mode for me helped with the Live Tv carousel issue as the BBC/ITV/Ch4/Ch 5 channels listed are now HD rather than SD. I had hopes that the Now/next update might have kept hidden channels from being listed in the carousel but this is not the case. So I fully agree with your suggestion. Here's hoping someone picks up on your feature change request.

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Re: Now/Next EPG data now vertical.

I notice there's been a further update to this which if anything has made it even worse. 

Now when going to the next show (on certain channels) you get 'on demand' recommendations which means it takes up the entire screen.  What I want from a now/next guide is to be able to see what's coming up preferably for a few hours in the future without blocking what I'm currently watching.