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Signal Question and/or Internet mode


I have a huge outdoor aerial in my attic that someone installed for me, never even questioned it before until earlier today I was watching ITV HD and the picture broke up a few times. Checked signal quality on BT Pro box and the Signal Quality was a solid 100% but the Signal Strength kept fluctuating between 62%-78%, is this normal and is 62% going towards the low side? 

Perhaps it was just a blip, I know even Sky's picture can break up occassionally via Satellight so maybe its nothing but it just got me wondering about my aerial and the signal strength. How would you go about improving the strength so that it doesnt fluctuate as much and remains on the higher side? 

Also on another note, I have Fibre 900 - Would I be better to use Internet mode even if I have a good aerial? 
I've just read that the picture quality on Internet mode is actually better than when using an aerial, can anyone confirm? More specifically, what is E4 like using Internet mode as with aerial its pretty bad very low standard definition. 


Sorry for all the questions, any answered will be appreciated

Many thanks 


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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode

I can see on a different thread that you've already tried internet mode, and you're disappointed with E4. Whilst I was also disappointed that it wasn't in HD, I still find it to be better quality than I had via aerial - is that not the case for you?
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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode

I would say yes E4 is slightly better on Internet than aerial but when switching between E4 on Sky Go it is not as good as that. I just wish I didn't need to turn the PlayStation on to watch E4 only.
It's better yes, not quite as blurred/pixelated but definitely not HD
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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode

Re the loft antenna, with digital I think you should not have a problem the quality/strength you are getting although it is very tuner specific. 

Strength will fluctuate based on atmospheric conditions. An antenna in the loft will always be a bit compromised as the signal has the roofing to get through. 

I would get a local antenna person around to check your set up and advise. 

BTW have you retuned recently? Might be worth doing that first. 

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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode

Signal Quality refers to error correction status with it being 100% means the signal is being received and there is no error correction being applied.

Signal Strength is as it sounds the strength of the signal of the relevant MUX received from the transmitter. You typically do not wish any higher than 75% as receiving too much signal can cause issues too.

Being a digital signal you also occasionality have a few moments of error this does not necessarily mean it is because of your antenna it could be an issue further up stream of the transmitter etc.

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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode

@DStruct you're signal quality is potentially too high and causing issues with pixelation. I'd suggest trying an adjustable attenuator that are a available for a couple of quid from Amazon etc.  E4 won't be HD either and the picture quality from OTT Freeview will be a lot worse than the IP delivered version. 

I think the HD variants of some channel four content is locked behind a paywall agreement with Sky and Virgin Media and won't be available on BT TV until they either pay a fee or that paywall deal expires.

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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode


Can't agree with your comment about Signal Quality.

Quality should be 100% or thereabouts and with the T2/T4 boxes Signal Strength should be in the 80-90% range in my experience, any higher can cause pixelation because of overload.

As for the Pro boxes I've no idea as the tuners used on them are totally different to the T2/T4 units.

It's a strange fact that if the Strength is too high that it can so overload the tuners  that the Strength figure drops and fluctuates, sometimes dramatically, and in these circumstances a variable attenuator can provide the solution.

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Re: Signal Question and/or Internet mode

I use mine via an ethernet cable. I feel the picture is better than via the aerial, plus you get far more HD channels than Freeview. The picture quality is just as good via wi-fi.

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