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Sound format always DD+?

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With the TV Pro box in IP mode with sound output set to surround sound, all channels have Dolby Digital Plus audio, even those delivered in SD. Typically, SD channels have PCM audio, but I assume that because BT/EE is delivering them over IP, for consistency or just to ensure consistent sound output levels, everything is in DD+.

However, when you get audio from apps on the box, the content is directly from the content provider. Yet the box continues to say the content is DD+. I've compared output from apps on my TV and Apple TV boxes to see content that is PCM audio. Does TV Pro box convert all PCM audio to DD+ when set to surround sound? Seems like unusual behaviour to modify the app output, rather than just to take the audio provided.

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Re: Sound format always DD+?

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When in surround sound the Box will always output at DD+ regardless of the actual channels of audio no matter what you are doing with the box.

On my Denon AVR I can bring up an OSD and it will show me how many speakers I have active, so itll say DD+ because the box is communicating using it however there is only 2 channels of audio actually coming through that pipe.

Yeah its weird because on my Apple TV the ATV will present to the Denon the actual source audio, so if its Atmos itll show that, DTS and so on.

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