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Surround Sound

Hello All,

Just recently moved to BT from sky and have a surround sound related question.

I have a Marantz SR7015 AVR. The setting on the BT Box Pro is set to Surround Sound but what this does is play every channel through surround sound when alot are just stereo.

Is there a way'/setting to to only play stereo channels in stereo and surround channels in surround as apposed to all of them either or? I didn't have this issue when i with sky and it the sound mode automatically was selected based on the the sound mode for each channel.

The AVR is set to Auto but it seems that it plays everything as Surround when surround is selected on the BT box. 

Hope that all makes sense? Thanks

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Re: Surround Sound

@AlyCath I think there's an older thread on here somewhere about this topic. I think the behaviour may be different between using the aerial and running in internet mode. There is definitely a difference between the channels. It's the metadata attached too the channel for the sound format. For example, ITV1HD should be correct and deliver Dolby Digital 2.0 (as ITV only do stereo), but ITV2/3/4HD all show as DD5.1. 

It has got better, but it's still not right. A good workaround for most AV Receivers is to set the output to Dolby Surround. This will upmix it reasonably well and fill out the channels better.

@DarrenDev  Is there any update on getting the right audio tagging on more channels?

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Re: Surround Sound

@AlyCath has already found the other thread and commented there too.

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Re: Surround Sound

@SoupDragon57 @DarrenDev 

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your replies and getting back to me.

Ill set the receiver To DD surround and see how that works.

Would be nice if this was a higher priority for BT as I’m sure there are many folk that that put a high priority on having the best sound possible.

Thank you