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Unable to add a new device

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I've got no devices registered on my EE TV App and I am unable to register a new device .


I have over 60 films in my library that I want to watch on my iPad but cannot add a new device, this has been going on for 2 months .


I used to be a BT Broadband subscriber until I moved and then I had to move to a new provider as the speed wasn't enough for me to work from home .


So I'm at a loss on who to contact and who can reset this account . It was working well on the BT TV App but since going to EE it won't allow me view films and asks me to add a device , which it then stops me from doing .

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Re: Unable to add a new device

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Hi @andyduk 

This thread

has contact details for the tv apps email team if you don't get a response on the community.

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