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Re: Using Remote for volume in Surround Sound mode

Haha its not so much that.

But to try and sell how much I love proper surround sound to anyone is tricky, let alone my wife, for me its more that if we are going to have SS I want her to just power the thing on and not have to worry about 900 remotes, 6000 HDMI inputs or ARC kicking in and muting everything. I want her to use it, if she doesnt even care about it I at least dont want it to annoy her and just to work, you know the Apple way.

So with the BT TV its not the end of the world, she just needs to press TV/SAT on the AVR remote and power on the EE Box, for volume she can either use the AVR remote or the ATV remote at that stage, so indeed I have 3 remotes out now which is two more than I am comfortable with but its fairly fool proof but I will get the text every now and again when im out trying to enjoy myself,  "the TV's not working" which will distract me then she'll proceed not to read any of my follow up questions, I discover later on that actually nothing was wrong and she just pressed one of the other AV buttons first.

I admit 3 AV's in one year was a bit much but the Denon I have now was the only one I really invested into, I just bought and sold the other two for more or less evens...but I was tired I buying AVR's that were 'just' good enough knowing that some other thing might happen soon, so I just went for the full wack so I can keep it a while and stop messing around because eventually it does get boring.



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