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YouView Community Closing

As I am sure those of you that frequent both places are aware, the YouView Support Community is closing on 1st July, with forum threads going read only from 23rd June.

I think the important note for BT customers is:

Support for BT and TalkTalk devices will be provided by the respective trading brands. We will also be removing our release notes pages.

So there we have it, no more retail offering, YouView is (as many of us suspected), retracting to being the operating system for their TV customers only. 

With Sony able to revert to Freeview Play instead of using YouView and TalkTalk moving towards an Android powered device, this might be a positive for BT/EE TV in the long run, allowing them to focus on their own customer needs. 

Out of interest, will anyone from BT provide release notes? Not that they ever really tell you much! 😂

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Re: YouView Community Closing

Sad day for the Youview Community.
I have been a member about 10 years and got to know a good few regular posters on there and the Youview Community has been a good help.

I still have a Youview box even though im no longer a BT TV customer.

I do still use the Youviwew box at times to record as 10% of shows are still not available on catch up/on demand.

Think given time I will have to think about getting a Freeview Play pvr. 
As dont just want to go out and replace my Samsung TVs from 2013 and 2014. As they still work mostly fine and now have a Firestick connected to them so they can get almost all the apps.

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Re: YouView Community Closing

Very interesting. I wonder if the moving of the TV service to EE will lead to them using a different platform at some point. 


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Re: YouView Community Closing

I think they will stick with YouView for a while, although I suspect the name will disappear at some point, it will just be the OS. 

The original EE TV box and OS was well ahead of it's time, 4 recordings and the ability to cast them to another device, although the colour scheme was horrific!

There is a quick overview of the original box and service here: 

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Re: YouView Community Closing

Yes, but eventually YouView will probably stop updating the OS, and it will be down to EE what they want to do.

Talk Talk have already started moving away from YouView.

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Re: YouView Community Closing

The only thing I found useful on the Youview pages was the software release notes page, especially when there were new features being added, as BT have very rarely posted up release notes on this, their own community platform.

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Re: YouView Community Closing

I first used the Youview forum when I got Plusnet TV and the moderators were very helpful, I haven’t used it often since I got BT TV.

Unfortunately whenever I’ve looked at the Youview forum of late it just seems to be a group of the same posters engaging in squabbles.

Sadly I think the Youview forum has probably now served it’s purpose so closure seems appropriate. The BT forum and I guess the TalkTalk and Sony forums are the best place to get help with their respective TV services, certainly the moderators on here are very good.






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