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A Trinity of Troubles

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Rather than create 3 threads, I'll describe my 3 problems. Perhaps they are connected.

1) For the last week, when I try to log in to BT Talk21 mail on my home desktop, I get: 

Sorry we couldn't connect you. If you continue to experience issues, Please contact BT and quote Error Code: TS-0003. Details to Contact BT

The problem persists in all browsers, and regardless of IP address. I've turned off my router twice now for 20-30 minutes at a time, but no luck. BT Mail still works fine on my phone.


2) When I try to contact BT technical support, I get:

A 'Message now' button will appear in a few moments during opening hours.

But the 'Message 'now' button NEVER appears, at any time of day. I've tried different browsers and IP changes, but it does not appear.


3) When I try to use my phone to change my password, I get:

"Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later."


What might connect all these things (and also explain why I'm not just making a call to tech support) is that I live in the US. I have been overseas for 10 years, and my talk21 has worked fine until now.

But has something changed on the BT side, and landed me on a "suspicious ex-pats" list? 

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Re: A Trinity of Troubles

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Have you tried logging on with the following format,  the xxxx being your name or what ever you prefix prior to the @ 

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Re: A Trinity of Troubles

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TS-0003 error code is usually shown when trying to login to your MyBT account or webmail (which shares the same single sign on authentication app) from an IP Address outside the UK or from a VPN.

As per T&C's of the service:

Special conditions that apply to the service

By using the service, you agree that:

  • it will be used mainly in the UK;
  • you permanently or normally live in the UK and you will tell us straight away, and stop using the service, if that changes;
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Re: A Trinity of Troubles

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Ouch. I guess I've been kicked out of the treehouse. ☹️

Time to tell all my friends, family, acquaintances and business partners that I'm changing my email address.

Thanks for pointing me to the T&C, Jac.

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