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BT (Broadband customer) email and Outlook 365

I just made the mistake of buying a new computer with Win 11 and installed Outlook 365 (the online cloud version, don't remember being offered a local installation as I had on my old computer).  With my old Win 10 and Outlook (local install) I had a setup that worked fine.  My btinternet address was connect to my Outlook by IMAP and two way updating worked with no stress but now ... nothing! 

I cannot get Outlook to find my btinternet account.  When I try to add it by entering my bt email address I get a very helpful "Something went wrong during setup.  Please try again." message!  So I try Advanced Setup and choose the IMAP option.  The Continue button is greyed out.  I fill the boxes as ...

IMAP email address is shown as my btinternet email address

IMAP password:  my bt email password

Select "Show more" (selecting "Use recommended settings" alone or in conjunction with "Show more" does not 'ungrey' the Continue button).

IMAP Incoming Email Server:

IMAP Port: have tried 110, 993 and 995 (from comments on other threads)

Secure Connection type: SSL/TLS

SMTP Username: my btinternet email address

SMTP Password: my bt email password

SMTP Outgoing Server:

SMTP Port: 465

SMTP Security type: SSL/TLS

... and the Continue button stays greyed out!

So as a quick fix I have set for all emails to be re-directed to a new Outlook account I have opened and am pulling the emails into Outlook that way but it's not the same as IMAP and it does not pull in all the old emails!  😞

For completeness and confirmation my bt email account works perfectly OK as webmail and I have been a bt Broadband customer since near forever!

Any suggestions please?  


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Re: BT (Broadband customer) email and Outlook 365

Dump Outlook 365, Windows11 latest update provides an Outlook client for your computer.

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Re: BT (Broadband customer) email and Outlook 365

Hmm, having played with the New Outlook, either re-install your old version of Outlook if you still have the media/ licence key or install Thunderbird.

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Re: BT (Broadband customer) email and Outlook 365

Thanks licquorice but I'm about to dump Win 11 ... it's a slow disaster, thought MS would have learned it's lesson from Win 8. When are they going to learn people who know something about computers don't want MS to tell them what they want! By all means as new facilities but don't remove the old ones, some people love then!

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