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BT Email - Archived folder not displaying older emails on BT webmail (but they do via Gmail app)

HI I'm a long-time BT Broadband customer and  use a BT sub-account email specifically for retail purchases and have done for a number of years (not the primary email on the account). 

I have the email account sync'd to MS Outlook (365 family so up to date / latest version) on Windows 10 desktop  PC and noticed I suddenly had no emails before dated 22 Dec 2021 showing in the archived folder where the majority of the emails are moved once the purchase has been completed.

So I checked on your BT webmail via browser and oldest email in the archived folder was the same date in Dec 2021 and also missing the older content.

But what is confusing, I also have the same BT email sync'd on my android mobile via google mail, and that does display all the older emails, so they are there and open okay.

So question - why aren't they showing on Outlook IMAP or more worryingly on BT webmail ? When I opened BT webmail today I did get a popup video saying my account had been moved to a new something but I don't understand why the BT browser webmail is NOT showing the older content (that is obviously there as its still showing on google mail app) and all of them are set as IMAP (don't use pop3 so not a local storage issue).

The accounts were originally BT Yahoo hosted and moved to BT Mail a couple of years ago when you updated mail host. There have been no recent changes or notification emails and its not an outlook issue as your webmail link is also missing content.

Any advice ? Thank you

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