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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Well said, skenzie.
While I personally have little trouble (usually) setting up e-mail clients, I am aware that others may baulk when faced with technical terms like SSL/TLS, port numbers and server names assuming the client can't auto-discover these settings. Then with the excellent eM Client program, other options come into play, PGP being one of them:

  • Download messages for offline use and to search in message bodies
  • Include attachments to search in attached documents
  • Account avatar
  • Setting up PGP encryption

So although it's easy to say just download, install and set up the e-mail address, many may become nervous and uncertain when faced with the reality of the various steps required. That's why I normally elect to do the set up myself for others because I can take these things in my stride. And if that's not practical for whatever reason I may suggest they use the webmail interface because they only need three pieces of information: the webmail address e.g.,, their e-mail address and password.

All they then need to do is find their way around the interface and become familiar with it which brings us back to the importance of good UI design. The first I knew that BT were changing theirs was when someone pointed out that the left-hand pane was much wider than before and made life just a little bit more cumbersome for her especially on her small 10" notebook which she takes with her when travelling.

Given that client programs may have difficulty reaching e-mail servers when attempting to connect via foreign ISPs, the webmail approach is definitely the better way to go in her case.

But now the pane is significantly wider for some unknown reason which, for her, is a pain!

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Re: Email from skenzie

Systems dont have hiccups they have code bugs..

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Just trying to ask this question to anyone who can advise plse.

PC desktop, browser, windows 11. Not tech savvy.

Anyone else having this problem deleting emails from trash folder and the solution please, using new version of BT email.URL is 3.4.1 from reading this thread.

If I delete an email in my inbox dated today, it goes into my trash. I then go into trash and delete it from the trash folder to delete it permanently and that works ok.

If I delete an email from an earlier date than today in my inbox and it goes into trash, I then delete it permanently, it disappears from trash folder, but if I search for it in the trash folder, to make sure it is gone, the deleted permanently email is still in trash folder. If I log out and back in, the deleted email is still there in the trash folder. This was never the case in the old version. Still in trash a day later.

I spent ages deleting older emails from my inbox into trash and permanently deleting them, only to find out that they were still in the trash folder.

I delete certain emails permanently in case my email account is hacked/compromised and the hacker would then know what institutions I have accounts/dealings with.

I do not wish to empty trash folder on logout.

Many thanks.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Do you access your email account on any other device?

If you do, when you delete the email from the Inbox is it also being deleted from the device and when you permanently delete it from the Trash folder is it being deleted from the device?

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

reply to message 74

Thank you for trying to help me.

I do not access my email account on any other device.

I have tried deleting the emails singly and also more than one at once.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

@ShaunOM For your information, all that is needed to set up Thunderbird once downloaded and installed, is just email address and password. Thunderbird sets up the account with the correct defaults, nothing to consider.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

If a person has a mobile device and has used an email app to access their email on that there is nothing different to installing and using an email client on their PC or Laptop. It is not rocket science or brain surgery. 

Even if the have not previously used and email client or email app the developers of the  client/app have designed them to be downloaded, installed and set up with the minimum of user input.

The default settings are obviously pre-set by the developers and will suite 99% of users without making any changes.

If after the user has used the email client/app they find that they want to change any settings it is easy to do and if they "muck up" anything clicking on the default setting button will restore everything to what it was.

"Older" email users will probably have used an email client when they first used an email account on their Microsoft Windows computer. In those days it was called Outlook Express.

It was then superseded by the following:- Windows Mail then Windows Live Mail then Microsoft Outlook and finally Mail. 

There were also a plethora of other email clients that people could use

Then along came webmail which was introduced so that email providers could get their customers to use their dedicated branded web page that invariably contained adverts and conned the users into believing that they had to use their branded webmail in order to use their email service.

It would appear that the marketing men have succeed in this con. 


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Yes, @licquorice , Thunderbird has the edge in terms of set up requiring just a name, e-mail address and password. Certainly with respect to a BT address it figures out the other settings automatically. I've been monitoring Thunderbird over the years and the developers have been working commendably hard on the IU.

I often recommend it (or eM Client or the Outlook desktop client if they have the Microsoft Office Business suite/Office 365) to those who want a single-click access method to manage their e-mails, avoid adverts (although, thankfully, BT don't have them at the moment as long as you're still a BT customer) and have better options in terms of finer grained searching and sorting. Plus, of course, the e-mails are stored locally in one way or another and can be saved or exported which can't be done via the webmail except one at a time.

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Re: New email format

I am now unable to print emails on opening them - the print option from the top menu is greyed out. Pressing ctrlP only prints the first page. Can anyone help with this please?

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New Email Unstable and Not User Friendly

Sorted out some early teething problems quite quickly re Avatars etc.

2 Issues keep occurring or cannot correct.

1. Saving Images. Talked through it online and done it myself. Holds for a few days and then all of a sudden images dont appear and I have to re save them again and the whole process repeats. Why?

2. Whether it's my eye sight I find it hard to distinguish between read and unread emails. Again spoke to someone who advised that's the way it is! Why, surely the system can be set to make a more defined difference between read and unread. Bigger or bolder text or a truly different colour that light black and slightly darker black. Really annoying as you used to be able to personalise various text options.

Any help appreciated.



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