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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

It's certainly the case that if you're no longer a BT broadband customer and you choose not to pay them £7.50 per month for the Premium service, you cannot use a client program such as Thunderbird.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


That is correct as has been stated many times.

You can however affiliate it to a BT Broadband account of some body you know as I have posted and this would mean you would still have a "Standard" email account and you would not have to pay £7.50 for  a BT Premium account

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

All was well for the most part since just after my last contribution to this thread, but the last week has reverted to chaos again, same old problems of ;

cursor jumping (worse than ever)

random font size changing

massive influx of spam

missing letters (I originally thought that was just my awful typos,) but turns out most of the time it's not!

NEW ISSUE is login, old shortcut has stopped working completely, new ones I've tried to set-up don't have the BT icon anymore which is frustrating when trying to locate amongst the crowd of my shortcuts but not end of the world, but every time I login now it then takes me through BT Dashboard (after logging in,) where I have to then select email, rather logging in directly to email - before it gets mentioned, yes I am supposedly using the email login page...never had this problem before.

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New e-mail format

Ever since BT changed the e-mail format several months ago, I have a persistent problem of typed text jumping back to the beginning of a message I am typing.

This is a really annoying and time-consuming issue that is making me question whether to leave BT or not.

Is there a fix to this problem?

Thank you



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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

My login icon failed too: I had to create a new one.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Yes, @Lch , I too spotted the new little problem on someone else's PC a few days ago when after logging in via, I had to click the Email icon to actually get to the e-mail page.  But with my own BT address on one of my PCs this doesn't happen - I'm taken straight to the e-mail page. More strange apparently random behaviour with no rhyme or reason. 

Similarly, the other problems with jumping cursors and changing font sizes and so forth, I've never experienced, despite using many different PCs, web browsers and BT e-mail addresses.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

I seem to be on a new version as of a short time ago - version 3.6.0. @NickBS - can we have a list of changes implemented with this new version?

As an aside, the search has been working worse than normal today and yesterday - it is taking two attempts to search generally.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


I have taken advice whilst issues are ironed out on BT email system and set up an account on Thunderbird.

Think it has all worked and email synching is fine if slightly delayed. Much prefer the way my BT system used to operate and look. Did ask for full synch

Issue I now have is my contacts have not transferred in full. Shows all contacts twice but whilst some have phone numbers attached another's don't virtually none have the email addresses attached!

Been on Thunderbird and its suggests importing a file but as I am no Techy dont understand the bit about the type of file to transfer Comma, LIDF, Mork etc and can only imagine I will just get deeper into a hole if I go wrong.

Can you offer any straight forward advice?

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


Log onto your BTMail account then click on "contacts" in the menu bar. Click on "more" then select "Export Contacts" then click "Yes".  select "CSV" and then enter a File name that you want to use to save the list. i.e "BTMail Contacts". Click "Submit"

The file will be saved into your "download" folder.

Open Thunderbird then select "Comma or tab separated file ....." Click "continue"  a box will open. Browse to your "donloadfile" and select the file name that you saved the contacts under. Click "open" and then select all the sections you want included if not already selected. Click "continue". Select where you want to import the contacts to then select "Start Import". 

The contacts will then appear in your contacts list under the section you selected above.

See link for T'bird Help pages.

Thunderbird Help (


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Very mysterious. A couple of weeks ago, my BTinternet e-mail was upgraded to the new version with no warning or explanation. I found it better in most ways, aprticularly since it gave the first few words of each item as well as the subject. This was useful with one of my regular business contacts, who gives the same identical one-word subject to every mail. (Maybe her system has this feature already.)

But today, again without warning, I have been reverted to the original system. What is going on? I am running on Windows 10 with Opera.

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