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BT Webmail Feedback

Just today have noticed a change to the way e mails look. Anyone else had the problem?

There is also an advert for bt/EE that has to be closed using an arrow but as soon as you move to anything else it is back on. There is something saying they are changing things but the e mails look like what you would see in 1990. The delete function that used to be far right has moved inside. Not good from BT.

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Re: BT E Mail


I have moved your post onto the "Feedback" thread for the "New" BTMail so that everything is kept in the same place.

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Re: BT E Mail

Thank you.
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Re: BT E Mail

Regarding the BT advert on the right hand side. Can consideration be given to having the advert hidden for the duration of the session once it has been acknowledged that the user has seen it by clicking it closed.

There is no need for it to reopen every time that a new email is selected or every time that the user moves from one email task to another, that is unless it is the BT Email Team's intention to annoy their customer base!  

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Re: BT E Mail

The new email display looks terrible 🙄 different colours for every email, looks like something from the 90s like a previous poster mentioned.

Why do BT keep releasing worse updates for every update they change, paying for a premium service but feels nothing like it

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Re: BT E Mail


You can turn off the childish colouring avatars by going into the settings found by clicking on your username at the right hand side then select "Mail" then untick the box "Show avatar in message list" then click save

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Re: BT E Mail

@gg30340  Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. Now just to get rid if the incredibly annoying grouping by default. Is there a way of making "conversation view" the default? 



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Re: BT E Mail

It is "Conversation View" that is grouping them. 

Go to View" in the menu bar and single click on "conversation view" to turn it off if it is on or single click to turn it on if it is off.

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Re: BT E Mail

Spot on. So annoying. There again the new e mails are terrible
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Re: BT E Mail

Hi gg30340,

Unfortunately toggling Conversation View doesnt seem to be removing the grouping anymore but appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I never understand why companies introduce features like this without giving their customers the option to switch them off. I kow its petty but I have always loathed grouping whether its emails or files and switch it off as soon as I find out how.

Hey BT, sort this **bleep** out would you please?!

Apologies, rant over 🙂