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Desktop outlook won’t sync

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My desktop outlook (2019) has suddenly stopped working.

My BT email set up is through office 365 with all emails from my set to forward to my email user (let’s call it ken@…

this has been set like this for about 14 years with no problem .

as a test I added the btconnect user ID to outlook (POP) and this will connect.

when I log into btconnect online I can see in the email settings that POP has a check against it (under mail sync).


when I log into my ken@… user id in 365 and look at settings , there is no facility to check against POP settings.


this all started on Thursday 5th Jan, so windows / MS Office changes or password changes.


help me please !

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Re: Desktop outlook won’t sync

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if using are you a business user as this is a residential forum  business forum is

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