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Email not working properly

I am having problems with my email. When I logged in today I was unable to read my emails. I logged out and tried again. It worked but it is very slow and whjen i Click on a message to read in loads in another window wheras before the message would be sisplayed underneath. Also I found I had an email from Amazon telling me that the card i have saved on my account expires in June and asking me to click on the ling in the email and give details of another card. I checked my card and it doesn't expire for another couple of years. I then checked my Amazon account and it is the card I have saved on my account. This must me a a spam email and I wanted to mark it as such and move it to my spam folder.  Hoever it won't let me move it to another folder and the menu at the top is greyed out.   Does anyone know how to fix it. Thanks

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