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Error Message TS-003

Trying to log on to my BT email on a desktop pc  (Windows 10) which has wired connection to my router, getting error message saying can't connect, error message TS-0003. I can however connect to email using both ipad  and iphone which wireless connect to the router.

I have reset router and cleared cache on the PC. I checked on previous posts for a solution, but non obvious. I am not connecting via VPN.


Any help appreciated.


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Re: Error Message TS-003

Same here. I have also used three browsers-Chrome.Edge and Brave. All give the same message. I do not use VPN. But can retrieve my emails via iPad and mobile phone apps.

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Re: Error Message TS-003

Thought I'd just post an update in case anyone is getting this problem and searches on here.

The problem sort of disappeared for a while and when it did reappear I was able to get round it by using a VPN, or disconnecting the VPN - that's just the way it was !

Anyway Mrs Alchad started getting the same problem yesterday and  couldn't get in to her email on any of her devices, I could get in to email on my Ipad and iphone - perhaps because I have them set to "always on", but not on my desktop, with or without VPN.

Phoned BT email helpline (got through straight away!!), very helpful guy (Scotty if any BT admin monitor this, he was very friendly and helpful). Scotty suggested it was probably a router problem and suggested the router needed a hard reset (as opposed to the simple "reset" button. Apparently if I'd been a BT broadband customer he could have reset the router remotely, but as I'm not - too far from the exchange, use a wireless broadband system- I had to do it myself.  A bit of Googling came up with how to do it for my Asus router which I did, slight panic when couldn't seem to reconnect to broadband but it turned out I needed to re login to the router.

After that managed to log on to email and so did Mrs Alchad, so hope this helps anyone with the problem.