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New Email - what a total shambles!

I suspect I am not alone in this matter - but what do the BT Email team think they are doing! The 'new' format' is a total mess.

1). the scroll down arrow no longer exists at the righthand side of the page - you are forced to drag a curser fractions of a millimeter to attempt to go back to recent emails.

2) I am part way through typing a message and the font drops a couple of sizes - why? Its nothing I've ever seen on any other email system - what is its purpose or did somebody think it was a 'cool' idea!

3) I'll often open an email to reply and find the bar with ability to bold or underline etc. words just doesnt appear. Yet if I come out and go back in again it does appear

4) Then there is the 'horror' of the fact that you tag an email to delete it but when you've deleted it the highlighting tag just jumps up to the next email above it. So you have to be ultra careful not to delete that as well by accident. Again - why - it's not really very helpful

5) The emojis are also a nightmare to use - incredibly slow to load - the delay almost implies that they are being downloaded externally and also very dated and limited (archaic would be a better description)

6) Sending bulk emails is hit & miss. Some go through other just 'bounce-back' whilst others just disappear completely. (NB: I am aware that this subject has been raised previously)

7) One good thing - at least now I can search by unread emails - but I can no longer search by emails with attachments (strewth)!

To be frank - this format I am typing on now - although it is simplistic is far far better than what we are being served up by BT in the new format email. 

Come on BT - get your act together (please) this sort of lack of testing is so very amateurish.


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