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New look email

It’s happened again!  Not only has the look of my email changed but my address has changed from btopenworld to btinternet.  The last time I was able to change it back I was told it would be permanent.

PaddyB, I use an iPad to read emails.  The new screen only shows five emails at a time.  There are fewer details such as size etc.  When I open an email it opens in a narrow pane.  There is no opportunity to sort emails by name or subject. I am annoyed that this change was imposed on me without consultation and without any way of changing back. Brain
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Re: New look email

When was the last time any website asked for your consultation before changing it?

I suggest you use the built in mail app on your iPad to read emails rather than a web browser.

Btinternet and btopenworld are totally interchangeable.

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Re: New look email

Don't feel left out or annoyed it's not just you, no doubt BT did not consult with all of its 9 million customers!

It is not required by the owner of any website to do that and if they did they would have had to change it in the first place so that you could see what the changes were going to be other wise it would be a pointless exercise and as for rolling it back to a previous version, how long do you propose legacy websites should be kept for?

It was pointed out in your previous thread that the ability to "change it back" would be removed at some point.

Solved: Change to email appearance - BT Community

Have you tried using your browser's Desktop View instead of the mobile view?

If you use a full view browser you can click on the Date/From/Subject heading to sort the email out and it will display a list of as many emails as you have in the folder.

The best thing is as has already been suggested, use the email app on your iPad instead of a browser. 


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Re: New look email

I’m new to iPad. No idea what browser I am using but my email has reverted to its original format. The only hang up is that it insists on using ‘btinternet’ instead of ‘btopenworld’.
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Re: New look email

Unless you have installed a browser from the App Store it will be Safari. Why not use the default Apple "Mail" which will automatically notify you when new mail has arrived and if you have more than 1 email it saves having to login to them individually. 

"" and "" are interchangeable see 

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