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Not receiving some emails (not even in spam)


I have a email address.

I'm not receiving emails from some people, it's only some people as I'm receiving other emails. They're not going into spam/junk, they are just not being received.

My wife/children also have emails (on the same BT billing account) and they receive the emails from the people/email addresses which I don't.

I have no filters, etc, to block any emails apart from the default BT spam folder. And my inbox/email account is not full.

I'm logging in to my emails through a web browser (not using Outlook or any other email app/software).

The trouble I have it's not limited to a specific email domain - I don't know what I'm not receiving (apart from those people who tell me). For example, today I tried to reset my log in where it sends a verification code - the code was never received (not even in spam), yet if I give an alternative email address such as my child's address then the code is received!

Anyone any ideas - it's difficult to raise a fault as I am receiving some emails!

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Not receiving some emails (not even in spam)

You may have already done this but to make sure:-

Log onto your BTMail account using a browser, not an email client/app, and then click on your username at the right hand side. Select "Settings" then go to the left hand side and select "Mail". Scroll down and click on "Blocked Senders". Scroll down the list until checking that none of the email addresses or domains are there. If you find the one you want to unblock select it then click on "delete".

If you know the email addresses of the ones that are not getting to your account, add the email addresses to your "Safe Senders" list which is found in the same section as the "Blocked Senders" list.

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Re: Not receiving some emails (not even in spam)

Thanks for the reply - yes I'm logging in from a browser rather than a client and have checked all blocked emails/domains - I've even deleted them all to be certain. Good idea about safe sender and I'll do that now. It's weird - I could understand it if all of the @btinternet email addresses were not receiving them, but for just one is really strange. Thanks again for the reply.

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Re: Not receiving some emails (not even in spam)

I have just posted about this happening to me too I know this was last October but can't see any further update. It is not consistent as sometimes mail will come through and other times it won't from the same sender.
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