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OK BT - you win! LOL

I have been on WebMail v3.6.0 for a couple of weeks now. I can put up with all the trivial stuff, cursor, ticks, colour tabs etc  etc. But the thing that has finally beaten me is the speed!

However, simply getting emails, and actually just typing them is like running through a lake of treacle wearing an oversized pair of wellies. It's sooo slow, I now regularly get pop ups (on all browsers), stating that 'BT is slowing my system down, do I want to close message or wait..."

I've tried different browsers, (FireFox, Chrome, Bravo) - all the same. Different devices, LapTop, DeskTop - no difference.

So am transferring my secondary contacts over to GMail - which is absolutely instantaneous, no matter what browser/device I use.

My main address I'll maintain as ThunderBird seems to negate the issues you have now built into WebMail.

It's like someone who is use to driving a Ford Focus, having it taken off them and they've been given a 1920s Ford Model T as a replacement LOL

Well done BT, outstanding piece of work... celebration coffees all round 😄

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Re: OK BT - you win! LOL

Just dipped back in again, still as slow as traffic on a bank holiday LOL

slow message....jpg

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Re: OK BT - you win! LOL

Crumbs! Just tried my daily test on WebMail, and.... it was back to being instantaneous! Such a pleasure to press a letter on your keyboard and see it flash up simultaneously on the screen. Then, when I hit the 'send' button, it reacted at the same time! BT, whatever you did yesterday to fix it, PLEASE don't break it again LOL

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