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Replies not always sending on BT mobile email App

In the past 6 months there has been a really irritating fault on the BT Mobile email app. What makes it all the more infuriating is it only happens intermittently. 

Specifically this: When replying to an email I type out my reply and send. Mostly it sends as I would expect.

HOWEVER, it frequently doesn't send and goes into my drafts folder. But, it can't then be reloaded and worked on from there as it seems locked in. I cannot even copy and paste the text into a new message 😡

I.E. I can see it but can't open it.  The only thing I can do is to delete which is even more infuriating. Obviously once this has been done I have to retype the whole thing all over again. 

I have deleted and reinstalled the App several times and recently I have been using my BT credentials on a 3rd party App. But it's just happened there too. I have also cleared out my iPhone's (Safari) browser cache etc.

I notice BT's app has been updated a week ago and one of the bug fixes mentioned was concerning blank replies. However, I don't know if it was a specific fix for what I have just described.

Has anyone else suffered this infuriating problem? if yes, then a fix would be a godsend.  I have lost count of the time I've wasted with this. 

Many thanks.




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Re: Replies not always sending on BT mobile email App

The best fix is to stop using the BTMail app which is in my and other users opinion very poor. 

There are plenty far better email apps and even the email app installed on your iPhone is far better.

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Re: Replies not always sending on BT mobile email App

Thanks for the reply.

Any recommendations?

I was using Blue but found it messy and cluttered.


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Re: Replies not always sending on BT mobile email App

I like Bluemail but if you don't like it try the Apple Mail app that comes with the iPhone. It works fine without any fuss.

If you want to use IMAP you may need to enter an incorrect password when you try to set it up so the the app throws a wobbly before it gives you the option of IMAP.