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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

3 problems. 

The phone is given free. You see that ? FREE. Not stated as loaned or unstated, like the router.
I have sat here for 2 years, possibly dribbling on it. Sweating on it. Little bits of spittle when I talk maybe. 
I was told not to return it. Kind of moot given the phone was given FREE. Literally labelled "free".

Do you want that second hand phone ?

Let's focus on the original question and keep our dummies firmly in our grasp.

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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

To stick to your original point , the free BT DV phone ( Digital Voice isn’t a generic term for IP telephony but the name of BT’s proprietary IP telephony offer ) supplied  , is so the BT consumer can use the DV service, chances are they could have done that anyway, as the consumers  existing regular phones  would almost certainly have worked anyway .
Once someone moves  away from BT and DV , why would they expect the BT DV equipment to work with a competitor’s equipment , if ( for example ) someone had Sky TV and leaves for Virgin, they don’t expect the Sky set top box to work with Virgin do they ?
If the consumer has to make a separate purchase so they can use a service they are paying for , that presumably should influence their choice of provider in the first place , after all it makes no sense ( for example  ) to change provider to save £2 a month on a 24 month deal only to have to spend £50 extra on new equipment, so they they can use the new providers services.
Even if the DV phone was supplied without ‘strings’ , so it was genuinely free , there is no obligation for the supplier of it , to make it compatible with anything other that the product it was supplied with , in fact it would be commercially nonsensical to make it so .

if you are with VF and they don’t supply something necessary to access their version of IP telephony ( hopefully they don’t call it DV as that’s just confusing ) then obviously you are at liberty to use other equipment you already have that is compatible or purchase something new , but its unclear why you would have an issue with BT about your VF service and your presumably inability to use it without spending some more money on new compatible equipment 

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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?


Fair do's the conversation has drifted away from the original question.

Your question was correctly answered in message 2, Digital Voice is indeed a proprietary system for BT and the phones were developed on behalf of BT for use on that propriety system.

Bearing that in mind, I wouldn't advise that you hold your breath whilst waiting for BT to enable your Vodafone telephony because it's simply not going to happen.

You can still request a returns kit from BT though if you prefer to recycle rather than bin, just dial 0800 800 150

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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

I dont know who marked post 2 as a solution, i unmarked it though. The whole "it's my ball and your not playing with it" needs to be put where it belongs. In the selfish kids playground. 
because : 
Sure, I get the idea of throwing money away, because they have limited it to only work on a bt connection. You understand I know that is the case.

I moved to save money. I don't care for profitable limitations that are to cost me. I have a mobile phone but it would have been nice to use the "only works where there isn't a power cut" faked phoneline.

Next year the real phonelines die. Permanently.  

My entire communication package now costs me £12 for broadband and £2 for mobile phone sim, per month. I would have happily stayed with BT after this mostly problematic 2 years but they won't align to current prices so something had to change. 

While people want to scream "Why should BT does this that etc" - here's why :

because we worked our fingers to bone to pay our bills to BUILD BT.

Thank you to those who see what the real issue is.

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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

Yawn, whatever.

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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

Hi @i3ant

Thanks for posting back.

Your thread has been marked as solved as post 2 of the thread answers your question.

Your question: When are BT going to software update them (advanced digital phones) so that I can have a working landline again?

The answer posted in message 2:  The BT Digital Voice system is proprietary to BT, hence the handsets will only work with BT.

I know this may not be the answer you were looking for however it is the answer to the question asked.  I have went ahead and marked message 2 as the accepted solution for the benefit of anyone else who comes along to find the answer to that particular question.



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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

Just my tuppence worth but my understanding is that the BT handset isn’t proprietary to DV, it’s a generic DECT handset. Therefore it should work with any DECT base station, albeit likely only to make/receive calls. 

Your specific issue is that Vodafone haven’t built DECT into their routers, so you can only use a wired handset or DECT base station. Therefore your question/expectation really isn’t valid as the two systems utilise different connectivity. To add another analogy, if you bought a new gas cooker & then moved to an area with no gas supply, it would be unrealistic to expect the manufacturer to make it work on electricity.

As for cost, you can pick up a DECT phone for very little these days, even less used.

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Re: Advanced digital phone is locked to BT only ?

Yes, that could be the case, although there does seem a problem that generic DECT repeaters don't appear to work to the hub suggesting that even the DECT portion is somehow proprietary despite generic handsets being able to register to the hub.


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