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BT Digital Voice and Broadband Questions

Afternoon to anyone who reads this and if i've posted in the wrong board then my apologies it's been about ten? years since i last used the community section to get right to the point i have gotten a email and a letter about my phone line changing to this new Digital Voice thing and i don't use my actual landline phone itself just the phone line for my internet which itself splits off at the front room wall due to where i live being supported housing so there's two separate accounts tied to this house my own one and the business one owned by the company that looks after me.

So my questions are as follows

1. Will i have to change anything if i'm just using my internet only?

2. Will i NEED to change my router or anything else or can i keep using the same router and wall sockets etc... i've been using for roughly 10+ years?

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Re: BT Digital Voice and Broadband Questions

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Re: BT Digital Voice and Broadband Questions

there are 2 completely separate accounts yours and the company.  if you don't use your landline phone then you don't have to change anything even though you will get a new SH2 which is needed for DV.  you could when come to renewal opt for broadband only instead of current broadband and phone and will save you £3/5 per month

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