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BT Engineer unable to correct Digital Voice fault

I reported a Digital Voice fault the online fault engineer had no success in clearing the problem and produced an order for Bt engineer to visit to check out total BT system. The engineer who visited had no success in clearing the problem even with an online engineer he was in contact with for an hour. He left saying he will report his could not complete the task, but no idea when the fault will be solved.

My wife has advance Parkinsons Disease and the landline is vital as hospital uses the landline to keep my wife's condition under regular review, so it is vital to have a landline working. To add to the problem I am 86 and not so active or as forceful now to overcome these problems.

At present the order says it is open but no indication when it will be completed, this is the 2nd time that the Digital Voice landline has gone down, it seems to be a very unreliable service.

Can anybody help us on here




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Re: BT Engineer unable to correct Digital Voice fault

is your internet connection working ok - blue light oh hub?

you could try phoning FTTP TEAM who deal with digital voice and see if they can help you 08005874787

if nothing then post back

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Re: BT Engineer unable to correct Digital Voice fault

Hi @Trebor85

Thanks for your post and welcome back.

I am sorry for the problems you've been having with Digital Voice.  I understand what you've said about your Wife's condition and I appreciate how important it is that the service is always available for her.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: BT Engineer unable to correct Digital Voice fault

I have exactly the same problem. Chatted with Technical line but have been left high and dry they said "24/72 hrs to fix fault" but I am not convinced he /she really knew what was happening. I am now left without our landline and somewhat confused. He /she said there was a problem with the phone line however my undestanding is that my phone works through broadband not a landline signal? what to do?


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