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BT Essential Digital Home Phone

I've recently upgraded to full fibre broadband and acquired two BT Essential Digital Home Phones. One of the settings available is Auto join calls. This setting is not explained in the instructions, but I took it to mean that a separate handset can join an established call. However when I turn this setting on it doesn't seem to do anything. Is anyone able to explain how it should be used?

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Re: BT Essential Digital Home Phone

I think it will work as you expect but DV comes with ability to make 2 calls at same time or make call and receive another call at same time.  So you need to go to settings on one of phone and change call settings from multi to single.  I then think auto join will work as you expect

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Re: BT Essential Digital Home Phone

Thanks for your reply. I've changed the setting as you suggest and I'll see what happens when we next get a call that needs to be shared.

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