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My fibre broadband still to be fitted (from  road to inside house).

My non-fibre phone is a BT6600 QUAD. Will this work when connected to Halo 3  Fibre   I have been sent 2 Digital Home Phones. I need phones in 4 rooms but do not want to have to buy extra phones.



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Re: BT6600 QUAD

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just connect the BT 6600 base station to the socket on back of SH2 and phone should work as before.  you can also pair the new DV phones to the SH2 which is a dect base station

I would also suggest reading the FAQ

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Re: BT6600 QUAD

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You can plug your old wired phone into the back of the Smart Hub and use the DECT phones at the same time. I connected my old phone as it has an answerphone and all blocked numbers/spam area codes etc so didn't want to lose those.  

So they'll happily work in tandem and  any old wireless phones will pick up calls/numbers from the base station. Only thing is you won't have your numbers on the new dect phones and you'll need to disable the 1571 answerphone service if you want to use BT6600 answerphone. 


1571 is active by default so you need to go to the following to remove it