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Digital Voice issues

I've been having problems with digital voice now for over a week. It started when i received a call and could not hear the person on the call. I tried to make a call out but also could not hear the other person. I assumed it was my phone so purchased new BT 4000 phones. The problem was still the same. I have contacted BT on 3 occasions now and they have even sent me out a new smart hub 2 but it has not resolved the issues.  The issues  are numerous and keep changing. Sometimes i cant hear the caller and they can hear me, then neither of us can hear and then i can hear the caller but they cant hear me. Also 1571, 1471 and caller ID do not work. As if this is not enough, on the very odd occasion i am able to receive a call and have a conversation as it should be. BT keep saying everything is ok but when they have tried to call me to check it, i cannot hear them.

HELP because BT are not.

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Re: Digital Voice issues

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