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Re: Digital voice ‘service’

To clarify something you said, is there a stop order on the number as you said it's due to stop next week? If there is may I advise to cancel the stop order & let the takeover do what it does

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Re: Digital voice ‘service’

Sorry - may have used the wrong terminology - we simply gave our ISP 30 days’ notice that we were terminating our contract for broadband and phone service. No mention of giving up our phone number which we’ve had for 36 years….

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Re: Digital voice ‘service’


That is the cause of your problems.

You do not contact your old ISP,  that is the responsibility of your new ISP who will contact them to say they are taking over your line and your phone number.

The way you have done it has resulted in a pending cease on your line, so until that has fully completed, nothing is going to happen, and its likely you have lost your phone number.

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Re: Digital voice ‘service’

I assume you didn't do a working line takeover then as your new service is active? Just thought i'd check as if the number is cancelled by your current supplier it'll go back to whoever supplied it originally. Like has been said previously number porting can't be guaranteed though