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FTTP and BT7600 phone system

Not a question, but a problem I have managed to resolve, and thought it might be useful to share.
I converted to FTTP recently with Digital Voice, and I already had a BT7600 (DECT) phone system with four handsets dotted around the house. An Advanced Digital phone came with the conversion package, as well.
As part of the conversion, I followed the instructions to plug the Base station of the 7600 into the green (well it is green when you remove the black sticker!) once Digital Voice had been activated.
When I tested the connection by ringing from my mobile, not all the handsets on the 7600 rang, but the Digital phone was OK. The handsets that did not ring displayed 'BLOCKED' against the Callers number. The ones that did ring didn't have the BLOCKED message.

The solution was simple, really. If you are faced with any problem in connecting a BT7600 to Digital Voice, just do a Base Reset; I also did a 'All Handsets' reset, just to make sure!

To do a reset, on one of the 7600's Handset, do:  Menu/Settings/Reset/Base settings,  then reply 'Yes' to 'Reset base settings back to default?' 
To reset a handset, after Reset, choose  'H/set settings' and reply 'Yes'. You may get the option to reset all the attached handsets, which I said Yes to - and then had to go round all the Handsets putting their names back in.

Resetting the Base does not delete the Contacts list.

Result - Everything works as I wanted and my wife (initially disgruntled at the phones not working properly) is happy, with peace restored in the household!


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Re: FTTP and BT7600 phone system

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