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Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

Hi, my question is a more general one about getting support. All of the emails I've received and cards posted through my letterbox say "For more information call us on 0330 1234 150".

When I call this number it doesn't put me through to a specific digital voice helpline but the general enquiries line instead (fine, I guess).

From the options, I choose broadband and telephone, then take a punt on faults and technical queries (since my question is a technical query about telecommunicating alarms, compatibility and adaptors). 

This results in a text to my mobile about the 'fault I'm experiencing' and the call getting cut off. Unhelpful.

So my question is, when calling  0330 1234 150, which options do I select to get through to someone who can help me with my burglar alarm question? (Since all the literature says to get in touch if you've got one that rings out via your landline).

At the moment I'm just going round in circles.



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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

You need to contact your burglar alarm company, not BT.

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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition


Yes, I know, I did that before trying to call BT and I'm liaising with them (Yale). They say they can't resolve it for me although they have fundamentally misunderstood my query and I know this because someone else on these forums has the same alarm as me, and has it working with Digital Voice. Therefore the alarm isn't going to be an issue.

As far as I know, Digital Voice hasn't been switched on for me yet, so rather than trying to fix a problem, I'm doing what I'm advised to do which is figure out what I need to do to get things working when the switch occurs.

I didn't intend to seek technical support about the alarm here though, what I'm asking is - how does anyone get in touch with BT about the Digital Voice switchover?

The BT emails and doorstep literature say - contact your burglar alarm company AND contact BT. So I'm doing both, as instructed. What's the point in telling people to do that if they then get lost in selectyouroption land?

If there's no point contacting BT about burglar alarms, why say to do exactly that on the blinking leaflet?!?

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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

There is no point in contacting BT about specific problems with alarm systems, they cannot possibly be expected to be familiar with third party equipment. All the alarm companies are totally aware of Digital Voice and can give you all the information you need.

All the general information you might need regarding DV is contained in my FAQ

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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

Ok mate look. I know you're trying to help, but you're arguing with me about a specific point that's irrelevant. 

I work in IT support, I'm capable of understanding a supplier like BT can't possibly begin to advise me if my particular alarm will work in relation to an infrastructure change they're making. THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M ASKING HERE!!!

What I'm questioning here is BT's support service. Check out the flyer image below. It says, very specifically:

Contact your [alarm] provider to check your equipment will work when you switch (I am doing that separately)

It also says Please also get in touch with us if you use these services


You're saying "BT can't help you with your alarm question".

I'm saying "Why give customers incorrect advice on cards posted through their doors then?"

Bit of an own goal if it goes nowhere - "hey guys, it's the illusion of support. We look like we want to help, but really we want you to never find us".

It's one of those situations where one suspects the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.



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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

If you get reply from your alarm company that your alarm will work with digital voice then the FAQ covers how to connect your alarm system depending on whether you have FTTC or FTTP. Not sure if you will get this advice if you phone BT

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Re: Getting support with the Digital Voice transition

I suspect that if you ever do manage to get to speak to somebody about your alarm system they will give you the additional advice about a non monitored alarm contained in the following link.  

See links

Digital Voice | BT Help