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Grandmothers phone isn’t working.

Hello. My grandmother phone isn’t working and she requires it 24/7 due to Careline (Which is sounding its alarm non stop due to no telephone line working and keeping neighbours up)

theirs no way to contact you due to no landline to ring you and she has no other way of communicating. 

we tried to do it online and via text and ringing ourselves but it says no fault and won’t let us speak to advisor. We know theirs a fault as it’s done this before and each time it said the same but turned out  their were one. 

she has also just literally came out of hospital so it’s essential that this gets fixed and I wouldn’t even mind she’s part of your priority help service but apparently this doesn’t mean anything since we can’t even speak to an advisor.

it has been off for roughly 6 hours now and you’re charging her £54 for the landline alone without any premium numbers but that’s another argument which I’ve had with you in the past and your own staff even agreed it’s extremely what she’s being charged for no reason but like I say it’s mostly the non working that’s the issue. 

By time this is posted it will be 4:01am 18/12/23. If anything happens after 4:16am due to this issue you’ll be held responsible under the Goods & Services Act 1982 & the Vicarious Liability Act (Those who google it or assume it only counts if you’re an employee, nope not always they’re times where it falls under a company who is giving you a service, in this case BT)

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Re: Grandmothers phone isn’t working.


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators, who may reply here.

Try calling 0330 1234 150 and ignoring any options. You may get an answer from an advisor.


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Re: Grandmothers phone isn’t working.

Hi @TheGrandson I'm sorry there's a problem with your grandmother's phone and appreciate the urgency in getting this resolved. Did you manage to speak to the helpdesk this morning? The faults helpdesk was open until 8pm last night so the option to speak to someone wouldn't have been available, sorry. 

I've sent you a private message so you can send the moderation team her details and we'll be happy to help.



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