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Limiting calls in duration and/or time of day


I have an elderly realtive that likes to make phone calls to a friend. The phone calls can result in the elderly relative being unhappy and moody.

Is there a way of limiting phone calls to 3 specific numbers (landline and two mobiles) that would help reduce contact? 

I know some Pana phones can block outbound calls to certain numbers but this would be a total block

We could put the base unit on a mains timer but that would affect other calls - including emergency numbers if needed.

We can use Call Protect functionality to control inbound calls - include/remove from the blacklist but there aren't that many inbound calls from the friend - possibly due to cost.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Limiting calls in duration and/or time of day


There is something called Network Controlled Call Barring, which may be helpful.


This is from an old BT webpage, but its likely to have changed.

Network Controlled Calling (NCC)

  • Set up a list of up to 10 UK numbers that can be called from your BT landline 
  • The list can be changed every 6 months by contacting our NCC helpdesk (contact details below)
  • You'll only be able to call your 10 numbers, emergency services (999 or 112) and our fault repair service (151)
  • Incoming calls aren't affected


If you're interested, call us on: 

0800 919 591

Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm

Or email:

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Re: Limiting calls in duration and/or time of day

Swissvoice make a DECT (Xtra 2355) with four presets on the base. If the base can be used as a handsfree unit that may be a solution.

If not there's a handset (Xtra Photo 8155) that mirrors the base with no keypad. You would need to contact them to establish exactly how this might work. I can't think of any solution to timing though without compromising access to 999.

Edit: The service mentioned above may be better but could result in repeated calls reporting a fault because they can't dial other numbers.

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Re: Limiting calls in duration and/or time of day

Thanks for the responses.

It is a difficult query.

I'm aware on the Network Controlled capability but that would cut off a specific number for 6 months. With the switch to VoIP I'm also wary of buying new hardware which may / may not work well with VoIP. I know existing equipment can be plugged into a DV port on the router but I've seen some reports saying there are some issues. BT's VOIP doesn't give any specific controls but other VOIP providers allow the configuration of a whitelist.

In the short term, we have a Pana with multiple handsets and it looks as though each handset has the capability to have their own restricted dialling list. If this is correct, we could swap out handsets to restrict/allow the calls. 

I cannot wait to get older 😞



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Re: Limiting calls in duration and/or time of day

Any existing phone system should work just the same on DV, when plugged into the phone port on the back of the Smart Hub 2.

Bear in mind that third party VOIP providers cannot control the QOS (Quality Of Service) as they do not have direct access to the backhaul network.

The Smart Hub 2 can prioritise the phone connection over any other  broadband usage and if both ends of the call are over BT DV, very good quality can be achieved.