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My BT complete waste of time

Can anyone tell me what the point of My BT is when it comes to reporting and tracking faults? I reported a fault 48 hours ago, it did the usual checks, told me it was with engineers and to check progress on My BT.

Engineers messaged to say they had request and would contact me in 15 minutes. As I am rural I take this with a pinch of salt and don't usually worry too much if I don't hear anything for 24 hours. 48 hours later I go to track faults, no faults are registered on my account! I ring the 0330 number and am 45th in the queue so get ring back eventually. As Account Manager rather than Holder,  there is then a query over security ID because they have a defunct mobile number for the account holder rather than the correct one, which is the recovery number. I have tried to correct this via My BT by following the link to become the account holder as I have POA, but the link is not working. I am eventually told that a fault IS being worked on, they don't  know why I have received no updates, or why no fault is showing on fault tracking, or why website links and search facility isn't working on My BT (and I have feeling they really don't want to know and couldn't care less) but fault should be fixed by 28th! Never mind, I'm sure when we get Digital Voice with poor mobile reception and no broadband possible on landline everything will be much better.... I've got quite good at semaphore.

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Re: My BT complete waste of time

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Re: My BT complete waste of time


MyBT as an app or web experience, is broken at multiple levels. It is one of the worst customer facing, self serve portals I have ever had to deal with.

On the few occasions I have had to raise a fault, I always ended up here, both for raising and tracking progress: 

But that needs the backend to work properly and it just doesn't. 

From everything I read on the EE forums, they have exported this ineptitude to "MyEE" as well. The only ray of light is a few mods and CS people who seem to be able to cut through the mess and get answers or problems fixed.

This of course negates any benefit of self service, it's a farce really. I've just been through a clearly broken process to turn off a monthly TV add-on (HD/4K).

Not only did none of the screens make any sense, I have had an email asking me to complete my order, which is why I have taken screenshots throughout, including my order number and confirmation! 🤣

Good luck!

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