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Porting FTTP Digital Voice number out - not in contract

I realise this question has been asked so many times before with varied answers and depends on how back-end systems are configured to handle the situation, but does anybody have any *recent* experience on porting a Digital Voice number out to different voip provider like A&A? I'm on FTTP, not on a contract.

Will it cause a termination of FTTP or will it continue as broadband only? I know I can call and ask them not to terminate if it does but it just adds to the possibly of things going wrong... I don't want to be paying for a new connection again or risk losing the number.

Like many others, I just want to use my own configurable router and I am aware I can just change provider or chain the routers, but I'm hoping there is a better option.






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Re: Porting FTTP Digital Voice number out - not in contract

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Re: Porting FTTP Digital Voice number out - not in contract

if you currently have a broadband and phone contract albeit on rolling monthly if fixed term ended then you can move to broadband only.  if you port your number to a VOIP provider that will immediately end your broadband and phone contract.  you would then need to start a new broadband only contract if you wanted to continue FTTP with BT

BT currently don't seem to have a facility in place to allow you to port phone number to VOIP provider without causing termination of broadband and phone contract

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