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Possible Number Port Issue? (BT Full Fibre / Digital Voice)


Likely need assistance from a MOD here. 

I have BT Full Fibre registered under my name at a relatives address. Originally the number was with Plusnet on an ADSL service. We then moved it to Vodafone full fibre and had issues with the activation/installation of service (the broadband worked but the phone line didn't due to the port/cease order not completing). 

We then cancelled the Vodafone service entirely leaing the property without any connection and took up a new service with BT, requesting the old number to be reactived. This has all completed and has now been active for a month or so with digital voice, however it seems that a specific number cannot call the landline (Vodafone mobile) but every other number from our tests has no issue at all. 

We have checked all the usual call blocking / call protect options and we can't fix it. Vodafone say it's a BT issue and BT seem unable to resolve it when we contact them. I believe it's a specific number port issue but no idea how to get this fixed. 


Any support?

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Re: Possible Number Port Issue? (BT Full Fibre / Digital Voice)

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Re: Possible Number Port Issue? (BT Full Fibre / Digital Voice)

is the problem specific to one particular number so have you tried calling from other vodafone mobiles to see if that works.  narrowing down to the number and not just vodafone mobiles

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Re: Possible Number Port Issue? (BT Full Fibre / Digital Voice)

TBH , if the only network you have problems receiving calls from is Vodafone, then it’s unlikely to be anything other than an issue in Vodafone’s network, irrespective of what they say , the origin of this ‘data’ problem is no doubt tied up with the porting of the number between providers , the chances are that a data error in VF ‘s own ‘network’ causes that network to route calls intended for your landline to a destination still within VF network ( in layman’s terms VF ‘data’ still indicates  that the landline number is part of the VF network , so keeps calls to the number within VF network even though you are not connected to VF , so the call can never connect, rather than sending the call towards ‘BT’ network, as all other networks do.

There was a similar post many months ago on here ,  no incoming  calls from one network , every other network,  both mobile and landline were OK , ( AFAIR it wasn’t VF ) , unfortunately that issue was never resolved, as that ‘BT’ customer ( who was previously a customer of the network that calls failed from ) , couldn’t get their ‘old’ provider to engage with the issue ( basically the attitude was ‘not our customer not our problem’ ) and if the issue was reported by the customer making the call , (who was a customer of the failing network )  stating, ‘ I’m calling this number ********,  but cannot get through’ they got  the stock answer of ‘ it must be a fault at the other company’s end’ , no attempt at investigation.

Obviously the ‘receiving’ network provider cannot force  the outgoing  network to investigate , it needs that other network  to engage, and frankly they couldn’t care less, it would be like not receiving a letter sent from   America, but instead of asking the sender to check what the American post office did with the letter , you ask the Post Office here why you never got the letter ( without knowing it ever left America ) 

…with that similar complaint, the BT customer actually changed their number to one that had never been ported , and although all their contacts had to use this new number , all calls , even ones from the ‘problem’ network get through.

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